Meet The Team

Claudia Beyer 

Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Ayurvedic Coach, Recipe Creator

Claudia is the founder, creator and passion behind The BareVitality Studio. With 13 years in the health and wellness industry, Claudia has worked with many individuals to better their health and fitness. After owning and running the physical The BareVitality Studio, located in the Inner West of Sydney for many years, Claudia wanted to make her teachings and the gifts of BareVitality accessible to a wider demographic location. So we have The BareVitality Studio Online – a platform to inspire and support individuals in finding balance and creating a holistic lifestyle.

Claudia came across so many women in her work struggling with;

  • Losing weight (despite exercising regularly and eating “healthy”) and then maintain a healthy weight.
  • Dealing with a multitude of unexplained health concerns.
  • Continually feeling tired, overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety and depression.
  • Struggling with hormonal health and fertility.
  • Finding any sort of balance that their body could thrive off.

From extensive industry experience, personal trial and error and her own health journey, Claudia formed her program based on bringing balance into an individuals life (through a specific exercise routine, yoga practice, meditation, wellbeing tools and mindset, nutrition & Ayurvedic practices) by addressing health as a whole. She teaches that when we work WITH our body it works with us.

Claudia is also a mum of 2, foodie, yogi, runner, travel lover and passionate about all things holistic health and fitness. She loves hanging in the park with her dog, visiting markets on the weekend and adventuring in nature.

You can share in Claudia’s day-to-day living following The BareVitality Program on SOCIAL.

Gabi Saville

Personal Trainer

Gabi’s journey in fitness began at a young age, always playing outside, keeping active, and earning herself the title ‘The Swimmer’ at school, for always smelling like chlorine.  At the age of 10 onwards my sport of choice was water polo, which I lived and breathed for 10 years, learning the ins and outs of hard work, determination and team work.

Her next love of fitness formed at the age of 22, as she discovered the gym.  Surrounded by weights, machines and equipment – that I at first had no idea how to use – made her enthusiastic to learn as much as she could, and ultimately leading to the decision to become a personal trainer.
Favourite workout – resistance training; focusing on increasing strength and hitting personal goals, such as pull ups. When it’s a beautiful day however I love to pop outside for some stair runs or a hiit workout in the fresh air.
Other hobbies – either working on a jigsaw puzzle, reading a book, walking the dogs, catching up with friends, or going on coffee adventures with my mum.

San Le

Meditation Teacher

As a Meditation teacher, I am here to help you cultivate a deep sense of inner happiness, confidence, and calm, that will see you through any challenge in life, and support you in creating amazing health, wealth (your definition of it), and relationships. 

My philosophy on Meditation, is that it is a journey to discovering who we really are; once we live in alignment with that, all else will follow and we can go from living dualistically and in confusion to complete authenticity and freedom. 

More than just a practice, meditation connects us to the perfection that already exists within us. Through repetitive acknowledgment of this by meditating regularly, and watching our thoughts daily, choosing to listen only to the thoughts that support and nourish us, our life becomes an extension of who we are when we meditate; positive, calm and compassionate. 

My personal journey with meditation began 8 years ago and since then it continues to be ever evolving, navigating me through the ups and downs of life – break ups, depression, health issues. When I try to visualise what Meditation is, I see a home, always there to support me and to provide me with a place of comfort and rest. My intention through being your friend on this journey, is to help you to find your inner home too.

Kate Levin

Clinical Nutritionist, Contributing Recipe Creator 

Kate is a clinical nutritionist, cook, writer, and plant-based food educator. As founder of Nourishing Club, Kate has established herself as a nutritionist renowned for providing practical advice, that will help you navigate through the minefield of conflicting information within the health space. Known for her healthy plant-based meal and snack solutions, Kate has her own range of granola and crackers and runs a catering and bespoke meal delivery service. 

When it comes to nutrition, the very best chance we have to nourish our bodies is through food. The very fact that we’re hungry for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day gives us the perfect opportunity to fuel our bodies well. So, what on earth should we eat? The answer is pretty simple… Real food, and mostly plants. 

Kate loves cooking– it’s a form of meditation for her, that has allowed a lot of creative time for recipe creation of delicious meals and snacks she shares with her clients and on her website. If she’s not in the kitchen, it’s likely you’ll find Kate at the Farmer’s Markets sourcing the most delicious vegetables, or doing handstands in the ocean.

You will find Kate’s Nutritionist’s Tip segment each week in your calendar and come across some of her divine plant based recipes within your meal plan. 

Learn more about Kate via her WEBSITE and on SOCIAL.