The Alchemy of Movement, Plant Nourishment & Ayurvedic Rituals.

Movement Videos, Recipes, Wellbeing Practices + more...

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Program based on Traditional Ayurvedic Principles in the modern world

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10 min Yoga/ Fitness Workouts, Recipes, Wellbeing Practices + more...

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Create Balance

Holistic Movement

Feel embodied, strong, balanced and build a sweat! Program designed based on Ayurvedic Movement principles for a healthy body, mind and longevity.  Area specific and full body workouts, pilates, barre, functional movement, yoga & restorative stretch. Lets have some fun!


Food as medicine! Simple, quick, delicious whole food recipes. From wholesome meals, to nutrient packed smoothies & healthy snacks and treats. Inclusion of Ayurvedic meals and our Apothecary of recipes.

Yoga Flow & Stretch

Creative Yoga Flows and Stretch Sessions to balance the body, calm the mind and create greater awareness. Increase both your bodies physical performance as well as your wellbeing and mindset. Choose from a full body yoga sweat or a calming release.


Traditional Ayurvedic teachings, recipes and practices to take your health, fitness and wellbeing to the next level.

Lets embody wholeness through integrated self care.